Slovenské elektrárne hired a total of 103 employees in 2014.

Number of employees at each location
Age structure of employees
Length of employment
Education structure of our employees
Overall development of employee turnover
Structure of employment termination reasons in the company
Development of average pay in the company in the period 2011 – 2014

During 2014 average salary in the company was 1,768.59 euro, and was 2.87% higher than in the previous year.

People care

The Company places a strong emphasis on providing for its employees’ retirement – contributing 3% of each employee’s gross pay to supplementary pension saving as well as annual lump sum contribution of 275 euro for each employee.

Slovenské elektrárne aims to provide the employees with benefits in line with their interests and needs so that “People Care” programme supports their work-life balance, their cultural and social life and a healthy lifestyle while also allowing them to acquire various products with attractive conditions.

The Company interest in employees’ opinions

Every two years the Company carries out a Climate Survey in which employees have a chance to express their views on a range of issues relating to the working environment, working conditions and corporate culture.


Employee Training and Development

In 2014 there was successfully launched a major training project on Improving Teamwork for More Effective Change Management. The aim of the project is to make the organisation more competitive by training all the managers in the Company in the effective initiation and implementation of change. This project is a response to both the employee climate survey and the desire to increase efficiency in all areas.

Employees receive training in soft skills and management skills according to their individual development plans, which are based on an annual evaluation and the recommendations of the Development Centre.

Slovenské elektrárne organised training directly and indirectly related to the Company’s number one priority, safety.

Training in the nuclear power plants focussed primarily on ensuring that employees have the necessary occupational skills through eight types of practical training designed to exercise selected work activities of employees, which were provided by internal instructors in the practical training centres. The main aim of training was practical experience in work activities. Last year 1,364 employees have undergone training for the equivalent of 3,840 man-hours. An interesting activity in this area was the provision of practical training for selected groups of contractors aimed at increasing safety and efficiency in the performance of their work, especially during nuclear power plant outages.

“Systematic Approach to Training” (SAT) for nuclear power plant personnel. In the implementation of the Systematic Approach to Training in 2014, the analysis of work activities in the maintenance departments of both nuclear power plants was completed and new “made to measure” training programmes were designed. In connection with completion of the project, a variety of training activities were carried out in which 421 employees received a total of 4,388.5 man-hours of training.

In the conventional power plants continued to focus on a stronger approach to safety at work and correct work procedures. In the activity Observation of Risk-Taking Behaviour based on the One Safety initiative 130 observers spent 327 in assisted observation with a professional coach to improve the provision of feedback.

In 2014 the company also ran periodic training for maintenance management technicians aimed at increasing the efficiency of activities and procedures of the maintenance department, which was attended by 130 technicians, who together received a total of 3,280 man-hours of training.

The overall quantity of training activities for employees of Slovenské elektrárne was 371,514 man-hours in 2014.

Cooperation with universities

Fifty-three students entered final dissertations on the electric power industry for the Aurel Stodola prize in 2014.

In the academic-year 2014/2015 applications for scholarships were received from 106 students and a total of 25 scholarships were awarded. Certificates of the award of the scholarships were presented to the successful students at the “Science Talks” event in the new Energoland information centre at Mochovce. The scholarships granted by Slovenské elektrárne amounted to 33,250 euro and a total of 8,090 euro was awarded for outstanding final dissertations.

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