Science and research

Science and research are an integral part of the activities of Slovenské elektrárne. As a leading company in the nuclear industry and the only company operating nuclear reactors in Slovakia, Slovenské elektrárne research focuses mainly on activities aimed at supporting increased nuclear safety, support for the completion of units 3 and 4 of the Mochovce nuclear power plant, improvement of operational parameters and assessment of the lifespan of the main components of nuclear power plants. Other areas of interest are safety issues in the operation of nuclear power plants, maintaining the reliability of systems, components and structures, smart diagnostic systems, the storage and transport of spent fuel for further use, and with the same attention also protection of the environment.


In cooperation with the Slovak Academy of Sciences, the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (STU) and other partners, the National Competence Centre has been established as a centre for research into new material, progressive technologies and the power industry. The project has received support amounting to 8 million euro from EU structural funds and is scheduled to be completed in June 2015. Sixteen top experts from Slovenské elektrárne are actively involved in research at the Competence Centre.

Slovenské elektrárne has established a subsidiary company “Centrum pre vedu a výskum, s.r.o.” (Science and Research Centre), which is currently implementing a project called “Centre of Industrial Research on the Operational Lifetime of Selected Components of Power Generating Equipment”. The project is partly funded from EU structural funds (details of the project are available at

Development of renewable sources

Hydro power plants

Use of the hydro-electric potential of Slovakia continued its development in 2014 in the area of small hydro power plants. Completed construction project of the Dobšiná III small hydro power plant with an installed capacity of 0.25 MW was commenced to commercial operation in January 2014. The third stage of the hydro power plant on the Dobšinský Brook will permit to save over 1,900 tonnes of CO2 per annum compared to coal-powered electricity generation.

Other renewable sources

Slovenské elektrárne has taken a further step in the project to increase the share of biomass co-firing at the Vojany coal-fired power plant. There was successfully tested raising the level of co-firing to 22% in the reconstructed unit 5 and a co-firing rate of 6% in unit 6. Total annual savings in CO2 emissions from the Vojany plant amounted to 49,000 tonnes while maintaining a high level of flexibility and reliability.

The Novánky Power Plant Optimal co-firing of biomass from local sources and domestic brown coal in the fluidized-bed boiler FK1 was achieved thanks to special technology for the sorting of supplied biomass, which permitted an annual saving of 8,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Photovoltaic power plant projects at Mochovce and Vojany have a total installed capacity 1.9 MW and operate successfully on a commercial basis, saving approximately 2,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions compared to coal-fired generation on annual production of around 2 GWh.

New innovative and sustainable business model

Slovenské elektrárne, in line with the objective of being an innovative and sustainable company, embraced the challenge that utilities are facing nowadays and has transformed from a simple commodity supplier to a provider of energy services built around the retail sale of electricity. The transition from a traditional utility to a customer oriented service company is based on the synergies between the energy services and core activities of Slovenské elektrárne. The company can use this opportunity to gain competitive advantage on its competitors and thus strengthen its position in the retail market.

Commodity Supplier

Slovenské elektrárne in 2014 made a further progress in expanding its final customer base by achieving a total volume of supplied electricity of 6 TWh.

Energy Service Company

Slovenské elektrárne through Energy efficiency activities give to large industrial companies, small and medium clients and municipalities the solution that can improve their business and business environment creating value for both the company and the customer.

Energy efficiency projects allow Slovenské elektrárne to enable its customers to make significant savings in energy consumption, to reduce CO2 emissions and to enhance their safety, security and life quality. The Company help its clients to increase their energy efficiency and thus enhance their sustainability and ultimately improve their market competitiveness. Furthermore, energy services enable engaging with clients at a much deeper level than any other utility can reach.


Slovenské elektrárne can provide a complete offer that includes the technology, the financing, measurement and verification and the electricity to power the installed technology. The Company provides an “all under one roof” solution that is very convenient for the customers and differentiates the company from the competitors.

The activities include:

  • LED illumination;

  • Cooling/heating;

  • Heat recovery;

  • Compressed air;

  • Insulation;

  • and others.

Slovenské elektrárne helps the clients to lower the operating costs and the savings can be used to modernise their equipment, improve quality of workplaces and last but not least, to increase their competitiveness. Slovenské elektrárne is ready to provide the client also the financial support in case that the client can’t afford such services from own available sources. This is possible through so called Energy Performance Contract model (EPC Model), where energy efficiency solutions, and related needed investments, are financed by the savings achieved over years.

One of the conditions of the contract is often supply of electricity or gas from Slovenské elektrárne which brings the client a full support in efficiency improvement, commodity delivery, protection of the environment, increase of safety, well-being and social development of country regions.

Eventually, energy services can greatly benefit from the brand awareness of Slovenské elektrárne that represents a trustworthy reliable partner, an essential requisite to build long term relationships with our clients.

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The combination of education and entertainment (“edutainment”) is the motto of this outstanding project in which the latest interactive and visualisation technologies - touch-screen applications, dynamic PC games, 3D projections, an interactive LED floor and augmented reality - are used to make a presentation on the story of energy from the dawn of the universe to the near future, that is interesting for all ages.

The objective of Energoland is to provide an attractive but at the same time comprehensive overview on the topic of the origin, production and use of energy. Special attention is given to the phenomena of global warming and greenhouse gas emissions and also the nuclear fuel cycle - from uranium mining through its use in a reactor to its final processing and use in the future. As visitors look at the exhibition they are able to form their own opinion on what sources in the currently available energy mix are most suitable for sustainable development.

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