Completion of the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant

The overall investment costs of Units 3 and 4 of the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant amounts to 4,6 billion euro, which makes it the largest investment in the private sector in Slovakia, to the power plant that will contribute 26% of Slovakia’s power demand.

More than 55% of contracts awarded to date are with Slovak companies.

Innovative Technology

Gross capacity at COD : 2 x 471 MW, each reactor designed to reach 530 MW. Reactor moderated and cooled by pressurized water. Technology used is VVER 440-213.

Technology of Units 3 and 4, Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant is upgraded to reactors generation III, which means:

  • Evolutionary design through proven technology and safety upgrades.

  • Inherently – safe basic characteristics: low – power density and large thermal capacity of primary circuit;

  • Higher availability and efficiency: imporved outage and maintenance Schedule.

Biggest investment

Investment approved - 4,630 mln. euro for completion of Nuclear Power plant Units 3 and 4, Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant, amount spent at 31.12.2014 – 2, 911 mln euro., amount to spend – 1,719 mln euro.

Hours worked in 2014 exceeded 14,4 milion overall (out of wich 7,3 „direct“ manhours for construction) with the peak number of overall employees at the construction site (direct and indirect) amounting to more than 5.200 most of which coming from the Mochovce region.

Total number of hours worked from the beginning of the Project is some 36,6 milion overall (out of wich 20,0 „direct“ manhours for construction (November 2008 until the end of December 2014).

On site there working at around 150 contractors, some of 800 experts of Slovenské elektrárne and Enel.

Budget Increase for completion of Units 3 and 4, Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant
Mochovce poster

Nuclear power projects

Projects resulting from the European stress tests

The measures require the bringing forward of certain investment projects in both power plants under the Severe Accident Management (SAM) Programme and the Programme to Increase the Seismic Resistance of Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant 1, 2 and new measures aimed mainly ensuring that critical power plant safety functions are covered by diversified sources on the occurrence of extreme external events.

Bohunice V2 Nuclear Power Plant

In 2014 work continued on projects under the approved investment plan for the power plant intended to permit the continued safe, ecological and efficient generation of electricity and heat.

In 2014 the Nuclear Regulatory Authority carried out an inspection of the Long-Term Operation Programme for the V2 nuclear power plant – which was submitted in 2013. It issued an opinion in November 2014 stating that the Long-Term Operation Programme meets the requirements of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority.

Mochovce 1 and 2 Nuclear Power Plant

The main investment at the operational units 1 and 2 of the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant in 2014 continued to be aimed at increasing the unit’s safety, operational availability and reliability as well as minimising the production of radioactive waste and protecting the environment. Read more

Conventional power projects

Nováky Thermal Power Plant

One of the most important projects to be carried out was the successful completion of modernisation of the control system for the fluidized-bed boiler FK1 and turbine TG11. The system and its control elements are designed to ensure long-term, reliable and safe operation as well as greater effectiveness of individual parts of the system. Read more

Vojany Thermal Power Plant

The most important investments considered the reconstruction of the floors of the cellar of the machinery room of units 15 and 16 and chemical water treatment. Project implementation achieved compliance with legislative requirements for water protection - preventing the leakage of hazardous substances into subsoil.

The safety and reliability of operation of the transformer station for external coal handling was increased by the installation of air-conditioning units. By reducing the penetration of dust into the transformer station, reliability and fire safety were improved. Read more

Hydro power plants

The priority investment project for Hydro power plants was the reconstruction of automatics and the control and information system at the Čierny Váh pumped storage hydro power plant, realized during the planned outage of units TG1 and TG2 of the Čierny Váh PSPP. Read more

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