Twenty-six completed objectives for 2,136,000 eur
Seventeen ongoing objectives for 1,149,000 eur

Protection of the air and climate

A project was implemented successfully at the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant in 2014 to reconstruct the air conditioning and all air-conditioning units, there were replaced also the 6kV switches, which contained substances harmful to the Earth’s ozone layer.

Waste management

The Mochovce and Bohunice nuclear power plants achieved significant success in minimising the creation of radioactive waste.

As part of measures to improve the sorting of solid radioactive waste, there was established a dedicated facility at the Bohunice power plant in order to sort solid radioactive waste according to waste type.

Protection and remediation of soil, ground and surface water

The impeller and the pilot bearing of the hydro power plant at Lipovec were overhauled to prevent the leakage of hazardous chemicals into the environment.

At the Vojany thermal power plant the project for reconstruction of the floor of the machinery room cellar and the floor of the chemical water treatment facility was completed; this will ensure that the cellar is impermeable and resistant to the leakage of chemicals into the environment.

At the Bohunice nuclear power plant, the single-wall tanks were reconstructed with double walls and at Mochovce the conduits for transferring diesel and oil were drained.

Air protection

A reduction in production of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide by 57,407 tonnes was achieved by replacing fossil fuels with woodchips - biomass in the fluid-bed boilers at the power plants Nováky (8,454 tonnes) and Vojany (48,953 tonnes), which supply the Slovak electricity system with 11.6% of electricity generated from woodchips.

A further saving of approximately 2,000 tonnes of CO2 compared with producing the same quantity of electricity in coal-fired power plants was achieved by making full use of the installed capacity of the photovoltaic power plants at Mochovce and Vojany.

NOx – nitrogen oxides
CO – carbon monoxide
Solid pollutants
SO2 – sulphur oxides

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Water protection

A saving of 13.8% was achieved in consumption of drinking water compared to 2013 through the implementation of technical measures and the use of resource-saving sanitary facilities.

Consumption of drinking water (in thousands of m3)

Savings of technological and cooling water compared to 2013 amounted to 49.5%

Consumption of technological and cooling water (million m3)

Waste management

Overall waste production was 42.8% lower than in 2013 due to the reclassification of technological waste (ash, slag, gypsum, sludge from chemically treated water) as a by-product rather than waste. This change has had the positive effect of increasing their direct use, especially in the construction industry and the saving of natural resources.

Quantity of waste produced in kt
Environmental Burdens
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